HP Deskjet 1050 Driver Download

Driver System - It's troublesome to believe that you just will produce associate degree all-in-one model with printing, scanning and repeating options for simply £30, however that is specifically what power unit has managed with the supremely low cost Deskjet 1050A. thus simply however well will it perform and will it suffer from the high replacement cartridge costs that afflict several budget models?

Traditional style

The 1050A follows the blueprint for budget inkjet printers quite closely. Firstly, it's made of matte gray plastic. though the chassis feels slightly flimsy, the styling of this model is really quite straightforward on the attention because of its nicely rounded edges. there is no LCD screen, sadly, however there square measure dedicated buttons for black and white and color scanning, along side a cancel button and an influence button.

Rather than employing a cassette-style paper attempt, sheets square measure fed into the printing mechanism via a vertical paper receptacle at the rear and square measure spewed call at a flip-down paper receptacle at the front. The paper in-basket will interruption to sixty sheets at a time, that ought to be enough for the casual printer users that this model is aimed toward.

The printer lacks the extras that you're going to notice on middle and high-end models. for instance, it doesn’t have a duplexer, thus it can’t mechanically print on 2 sides of a page. there is conjointly no dedicated photograph paper {try associate degreed|attempt to|try to} the scanner does not have an automatic document feeder. It lacks Wi-Fi or local area network support, however in its defence, these square measure all options we tend to would not expect to search out on such an inexpensive model.
The Deskjet 1050A's nicely rounded edges

Easy set-up

As long as you concentrate to the installation instruction sheet, you should not have abundant drawback setting this model up. initial of all, you wish to require the protecting tapes off, then connect the external power provide, activate the ability and slot the 2 ink cartridges into the permanent print head.

This is slightly fiddly to urge at as there isn’t abundant clearance for you to urge your fingers in. Once this can be done, the 1050A prints associate degree alignment page, that you then place on the scanner and press one in every of the scan buttons to align the print heads. once that is finished you'll make full the package on your laptop from the installation disc and connect the printer via USB.

Scanning and repeating

The top of the printer is home to a conventional flat-bed scanner that uses a basic contact image detector. This features a most optical resolution of one,200 dpi. The results it produces aren’t superb, however they are ok for many basic scanning tasks.

The printer within reason fast to use for photocopying, because it managed to supply a duplicate of our black and white check page in twenty one seconds. The copy quality was absolutely acceptable too, as text looked dark and achromatic, whereas there was a good quantity of detail maintained within the photos on our check page.

Speed, quality and price

This model's black and white print speed is really comparatively fast. It written our one0-page black and white text document in 1 minute fifty one seconds. it is also pretty speedy at printing snaps, taking one minute a pair of seconds to print our 4x6-inch photograph.

It's abundant slower once it involves manufacturing graphics output, however. Our color one0-page presentation took five minutes 1 second to finish, whereas ten pages of our color graphics check document took five minutes forty three seconds.

Print quality on text may be a little bit of a motley. Letters aren’t as showing neatness shaped as they're on mid-range models and there have been noticeable gaps on the skinny edges of the loops on characters like 'g's and 'e's. Text did quite dark on the page, though, and did not feather like on some models we have seen.

Its graphics performance was higher. colors looked daring and robust, and enormous areas of color were nearly entirely innocent of band, that is incredibly spectacular. Photos prints don’t look regrettable, though colors square measure a lot of muted than on costlier models. Annoyingly, it conjointly appeared incapable of doing borderless printing for snaps.

Usually with a printer that has such a coffee tag, we'd expect the manufacturer to do to claw back some revenue by charging high costs for ink. nevertheless the 1050A seems to be comparatively economical to run, by budget printer standards. mistreatment the high-capacity cartridges, and also the best costs we tend to might notice on-line, it puzzled out at 4p per page for a black and white page and five.5p per page for color sheets. each those costs together with zero.7p for paper prices.

It's troublesome to search out abundant wrong with the 1050A considering its all-time low tag. we tend to wouldn’t advocate it for people who do lots of printing, except for casual users its low tag, combined with the good print quality and reasonable running prices, create it a secure bet.

HP Deskjet 1050 Driver Download

HP Deskjet 1050 Driver Download

HP Deskjet 1050 Compatible System
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8
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